Highlights & Recent Work

Nick Cave Will Never Be Forgotten (VICE)

Gaelynn Lea: "Art can serve as a vessel to remind people we're here." (VICE)

Grounded In Reality with Better Oblivion Community Center (FADER)

How one Saskatchewan festival is developing lineup diversity for the prairies (A Side)

Jeremy Dutcher's Gift for His People (Maritime Edit)

Newfoundland's Lawnya Vawnya is an antidote to the 'bigger is better' mentality of major festivals

Father John Misty is just kidding around... maybe (Globe and Mail)

Jennifer Castle searches for the perfect combination of words (NOW Magazine)

The Unapologetic Devotion of Hiss Golden Messenger's M.C. Taylor (VICE)

Inuk throat-singing electro-pop artist Riit is ready to shine (FADER)

Laura Stevenson takes on the universe (FADER)

On Mint Condition, Caroline Spence is happy to be confused (FADER)

Margo Price isn't the world's biggest loser anymore (VICE)

Nikki Lane tries harder than you, no luck needed (VICE)

How John K. Samson made music out of Manitoban isolation (FADER)


◦ This Artwork Changed My Life: Sally Mann's Immediate Family (Artsy)

Jason Lee’s Photography of a Dust-Covered America (Format)

We Caught Synaesthesia and Matched William Eggleston’s New Songs to His Famous Photographs (Format)

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Discusses His New Book of Polaroids (Format)

Pooneh Ghana's intimate Polaroid music photography (Polaroid)

Fujifilm's latest camera tries to recreate the glory days of instant photography (Format)


Author Leslie Jamison's latest collection explores the unattainable yearning for closure and completeness (Globe and Mail).

 Ditching distractions brings purpose (on Jenny Odell's How to do Nothing) (Winnipeg Free Press)

Jason Molina burned bright before fading away (Winnipeg Free Press)

From Stage to Page: In delivering her debut novel, Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq faces fear head-on (Winnipeg Free Press)

And more

In Photos: The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes 2020 commemorative game (Globe & Mail)

Ice Breakers shatters your idea of hockey history (The Coast)

On Being's Krista Tippett on how to have big conversations (Spotify for Podcasters)

Poet Derrick C. Brown reads to rowdy crowds and writes bloody (Format)

Comedian Tim Heidecker's constant state of creation (Format)

Girls' Art League hits the ground running (NOW)

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